Our Services


  • A comprehensive business valuation to assist you in understanding the why and how of the current market value of your company. We have extensive training in business valuation, and since we are constantly negotiating and closing deals, we always have a solid grasp of current market conditions.
  • A sophisticated marketing package, which is a precise and comprehensive presentation of the financial, marketing, production, employee and other important attributes of the business. With this “prospectus” in hand, we excel at confidentially marketing businesses on a regional and national level.
  • Introduction to DBB’s extensive list of pre-qualified investors. We market hundreds of businesses locally and nationally every month.  Our investor base numbers in the thousands.  It stands to reason, the more investors in pursuit of a particular business, the greater the likelihood of yours selling at an optimal price.
  • We negotiate the deal for you, that’s our job.


  • Introduction to DBB’s exceptional business listings and those of a select group of other professional intermediaries. We can present several hundred opportunities at any point in time.
  • Assisting in the evaluation of the business of your choice and its opportunities for growth, profit enhancement, financing, tax structuring, working capital needs, etc.
  • Preparing the offer. We will assist you in the compilation of your offer, covering all essential elements necessary to clearly and carefully convey your deal to the seller.