Our Resume

Denver Business Brokers™ (DBB) is a business brokerage/mergers and acquisitions (M&A) intermediary established in Denver, Colorado.  We are powered by our people, a focused group of business leaders, MBA’s, and former industry executives, who work as a team through networked offices.  Our clients are business owners of, or potential investors in, successful privately held companies located in the Western United States.  We represent business owners who have decided to sell all or a substantial portion of their business and want a transaction accomplished quickly, quietly, professionally and at a fair price.  We also conduct searches tailored to the specific requirements of investors searching for high quality business investments.  Our ability to provide these services is directly linked to our proprietary methods for locating qualified corporate and individual business investors as well as first-rate business opportunities.;

DBB has emerged as a premier market maker in the M&A industry.  Specializing in manufacturing, distribution, service and retail businesses, we provide hands on consultation, valuation, acquisition and merger services to our clients.  Currently, we have offices in the Denver Metro Area.  The Denver area offers an attractive life style, economic opportunity and long term growth prospects.  To enhance our deal making ability, every DBB professional strives to know the best legal and accounting resources within this community.  We are also experienced in locating the pro small business; action oriented lending institutions and other local talent known for getting things done.  The DBB offices are electronically linked together, thereby enabling us to introduce every business our firm represents to every qualified investor we know.

If the sale of your business requires national exposure or international exposure, we have it.  We are members of several nationwide associations providing us with over one hundred additional M&A professionals to assist in the sale of our client’s business.  Through these associations we are introduced to a continual stream of nationally and internationally based qualified investor candidates.  These associations are supplemented by many years of regional and national experience effectively marketing businesses through a variety of media.  We know how to move the “deal stream” without jeopardizing our clients’ confidentiality.  With Denver Business Brokers™ as your agent for action, you are assured of skilled and effective guidance in the sale or purchase of your businesses.