Life Cycle of a Business

How US Business Services can help you through each stage

All businesses go through various life cycle stages from inception to decline. The rate of movement from one stage to the next will be dependent upon your:

  • Strategy
  • People
  • Processes
  • Innovation
  • Finances

MAUS has a range of solutions to help you not only progress through life cycle phases with ease but help you achieve a successful and profitable outcome.

If you are growing a business.

The growth stage of a business life cycle provides many great challenges and hurdles. Most organizations need to implement a greater level of structure and this can be achieved by developing formalized systems.

MAUS has a range of software programs dedicated to assisting you through this phase so that you can manage your organization with ease and efficiency. In the growth stage many organizations will employ new staff. To ensure the right candidate is selected for the job and each staff member understands their role you can useMAUS Job Descriptions and HR Profiler. To ensure systems and processes are followed by employees and that everyone knows what they should be doing and what is expected of them, use MAUS Employee Manual or MAUS Policies and Procedures. In the growth stage you will also need to focus on how you manage these people and ensure that everyone is aligned to central strategic objectives. To help you achieve this, MAUS has produced a one page scorecard and planning tool. This effectively enables the business to input the entire strategic plan into a one page document that can be provided to all staff.


We suggest that every business should prepare a one page snapshot of the company operations each month. Why not, in addition to this ask every employee to submit a monthly one page review of their performance? Set this as a condition of employment.

For sales employees this might consist of revenue, number of calls, meetings, customers and average value sale. We have seen businesses improve their profitability overnight by introducing this simple accountability system.


This is an example of the one page scorecard that MAUS KPI Scorecard produces.

You will also need an annual review process set in place for all employees. MAUS publishes a Performance Review Software package that will help you implement this process simply and effectively.

Your business will not go forward unless you commit to staff training and personal development. The most cost effective way to train staff is to provide some form of in-house training.

Recognizing this MAUS developed a Mini MBA program that has a series of videos and diagnostics that cover everything from customer service to sales, from finance to innovation. Simply assemble your staff in a room, provide them with the handouts, turn on the multimedia lessons and watch your staff think of new ways to grow your business.

Quality systems are also vital. It is important to always strive for excellence and continual improvement. If your business needs to comply with the ISO standards,MAUS Quality Assurance can keep your business keep up to date with best practice.

If you wish to sell your business sometime in the future.

If you are ready to be rewarded for all your hard work and cash out of your businesses, whether you are leaving the business to move on to your next challenge or you are ready for retirement,  US Business Services can help you plan for your exit and maximize the sale price you receive for your business.

MAUS SellBiz Pro will guide you through the process required to improve your business readiness to sell and its attractiveness to potential buyers – and remember it is never too early to plan for this stage. We suggest that businesses should start planning to sell 3-5 years before they actually do. That is why this product is so good. It helps to build your golden nest egg for the future.

If you are starting a business.

MAUS MasterPlan 
can help you create a business and marketing plan whether it is for defining your strategic direction or in seeking funds to finance your new venture. In the start phase it is also important to set up efficient systems and processes which can be carried through as your business progresses. MAUS Policies and Procedures Manual enables this process as you can continually update and edit which means the manual will develop as your business grows. The manual will act as a great training resource for new employees.

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