Charity Strategies

Our Goal as a Company

To increase the amount of time, money and goods that are donated by businesses to charity.

How will we achieve this goal

We will achieve this goal with your help.

  • Feel free to copy this Presentation to your associates.
  • Set up a team leader in your business responsible for community programs.
  • Use any of these strategies to build your business and at the same time give something back to the community.
  • Put pressure on friends and associates outside of your business to do the same.
  • Send them to this web page.

Strategic alliances with certain charitable organisations can sometimes open up new markets and new business opportunities.

10 Ways to donate money to charity without it hurting the bottom-line.

1. Employee Christmas Gifts

  • Purchase your employee Christmas gifts through a charity such as the Red Cross or Amnesty international. A percentage of these sales goes directly to charity. This way your Christmas gifts can give twice, without costing you a cent.
  • Christmas cards can also be purchased through these types of organisations.

2. Informal Clothes Day

  • Organize an informal clothes day at the office.
  • (Theme could change to pink shirt day, board shorts day etc).
  • Let your staff know that they can come to work dressed in this attire on a certain day if they pay $2 – $5.
  • The proceeds are donated to a charity.

How your company benefits:

This change in formal attire for a day breaks the routine for your staff, a change from traditional business dress and at the same time contribute to the community.

3. Sell chocolates for charity

  • Many charities have pre-packaged easy to sell consumables that your company could sell for them.
  • Select a day every couple of months. Have a different employee every couple of months responsible for choosing the charity and organizing the stock.
  • Encourage your staff to sell and provide added bonuses to the highest seller, perhaps a day off on a Friday.

How your company benefits:

This is a very effective way to raise money for charity, but once again, it costs your company little but does a great job in raising the image of your company with your employees.

4. Car Wash

  • Get the kids involved!
  • Ask your employees if any of their children would like to wash cars for charity.
  • Give permission for them to wash cars on your premises.
  • Charge $20 a car wash and give $10 per wash to charity.

5. Pancake Breakfast

  • Have some volunteers set up a barbeque or obtain adequate cooking facilities.
  • Cook up pancakes and charge $5 per meal.
  • Pancakes are cheap to make so there is a good profit margin payback to the charity.
6. Organize a ball

  • Once a year organize a staff ball where employees can bring friends and family.
  • Charge an appropriate fee to cover costs.
  • All proceeds are donated to charity.
  • You could organize an industry ball or even a regional based ball.

7. Sheltered Workshops

  • Do you have any work that can be done by sheltered workshops?
  • These workshops are excellent organisations that can perform the tedious tasks of direct mail fulfillment, warehouse assembling and other time consuming manual tasks.

8. Soft drink machine

  • Install and maintain your own vending machine. Vending machines can have chocolate bars, drinks and other snacks.
  • Have a team of volunteers set up that is in charge of ordering stock, collecting money and maintenance.
  • Provide all proceeds to charity.

9. Set up an internal competition

  • Give your employees a half day to brain storm on ways that your company can contribute to the community without affecting the bottom-line.
  • Have a team of volunteers set up that is in charge of ordering stock, collecting money and maintenance.
  • Provide all proceeds to charity.

How your company benefits:

This costs you in terms of lost hours but has a remarkable team building affect which should more than make up for your investment in time.

10. Supplier of Christmas Gifts – Direct

  • If you have a good range of products, conduct broad advertising to the community informing them.
  • A. That it is Christmas and that they are likely to buy staff presents.
  • B. That if they buy these gifts from you then you will contribute the difference between wholesale and retail to charity.

How your company benefits:

Your sales will most likely go up. This gives you a major product differentiator. Employers feel the pinch at Christmas. If they feel that their money is going to a good cause then they can be easily swayed.

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